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Poll rating the quality of teaching:
In the period 29.04.2019 - 04.07.2019 proceeds anonymous evaluation of teaching quality for a summer term 2018/2019. We ask students to fill out this survey. (Help here)
(Your evaluation is completely anonymous and can not be traced to a student who completed the questionnaire. Anonymous could be written any comment.)
You can also use the application on your mobile phone to complete it. The application is available for download at GooglePlay. (download here)
published: 29.04.2019

News in IS/STAG portal:
5 / 2017 - For registered alumni in the "Graduate Club", you can now sign in with authentication "mojeID" (description)published 24.4.2017
3 / 2017 - For registered bidders, log in using authentication "mojeID" (description)published 24.4.2017
9 / 2016 - Logging change - identity merging (description). published 7.9.2016

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http://stag.ujep.cz - STAG UJEP, guidelines, deadlines and information.