Course: Athletics (theory and didactics)

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Course title Athletics (theory and didactics)
Course code KTV/7414
Organizational form of instruction Lecture + Lesson
Level of course Master
Year of study not specified
Semester Winter
Number of ECTS credits 2
Language of instruction Czech
Status of course Compulsory
Form of instruction Face-to-face
Work placements This is not an internship
Recommended optional programme components None
  • Nechvátal Jiří, Mgr.
  • Nosek Martin, Mgr. Ph.D.
Course content
Topics of lectures: 1. History of athletics 2. Current athletic associations 3. The syllabus of high school athletics, general education programs, theme-based programs, school competitions 4. Athletic class, its styles, planning and records 5. Didactics of athletics in the context of PE classes at high schools (didactic forms, methods, styles) 6. Didactics of running 7. Didactics of jumping 8. Didactics of various kinds of throwing 9. The development of movement abilities and skills used in athletics 10. The elementary knowledge of athletic preparation for children and youth 11. The elementary knowledge of sport preparation for children and youth in the context of running disciplines 12. The elementary knowledge of sport preparation for children and youth in the context of jumping disciplines 13. The elementary knowledge of sport preparation for children and youth in the context of throwing disciplines 14. Examination of students' knowledge of theory and didactics of athletic disciplines Topics of seminars: 1. Methodology of training the correct execution of the propulsion and swing phase of running 2. Methodology of the relay race and hurdling 3. Methodology of high and long jumping 4. Methodology of different kinds of throws 5. The development and analysis of athletic movement abilities 6. Athletic class in an environment, with equipment 7. Athletic class in nature 8. Athletic class in a gymnasium 9. Observation at high schools 10. Pedagogical leadership and overview of athletic classes in the context of high school - practical experience 11. Pedagogical leadership and overview of athletic classes in the context of high school - practical experience 12. Pedagogical leadership and overview of athletic classes in the context of high school - practical experience 13. The analysis and evaluation of the practical experience 14. Further specified topic based on students' needs. The course is divided into lectures, seminars and individual self-studies. Aim of the lectures is to introduce the students to the issues of athletics in the context of high schools (general and educational programs, theme-based programs, athletic classes - different types, composition of the classes, teacher's activities), athletic school competitions and the basic of athletic preparation for youth. The aim of seminars is the practical application of the gained knowledge, such as the methodology of selected athletic disciplines and teacher's role in a PE class with athletic disciplines in various environments. Students are required to cover other parts of the course, stated in the syllabus of the course, by self-study. A number of study materials is available in electronic and printed form. Both can be found at either webpages of KTVS PF UJEP or in the study room (study texts, DVDs and multimedia textbook of athletics) respectively. Students' self-studies are guided by the lecturer of the course. The basis of the course is recommended literature (available at and study materials available at:; Seminar papers and theoretical knowledge are consulted via e-mail (, Furthermore, students can contact their teachers through the faculty ( or teacher's (, webpages. STAG, the information system of UJEP, is used to record students' academic results.

Learning activities and teaching methods
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  • unspecified - 7 hours per semester
  • unspecified - 10 hours per semester
  • unspecified - 40 hours per semester
  • unspecified - 20 hours per semester
Learning outcomes
The aim of the study-unit is focused on acquiring knowledge and skills of teaching athletics at the secondary school. Emphasis is put on the knowledge of the curriculum, structure and design of physical education with athletic content. Students will be acquainted with the history of athletics, athletic movement and the principles of sports training for children and youth. In practical seminars are taught to manage the educational process from the perspective of the development of motor skills, practicing and perfecting the various athletic disciplines and leadership hours with different topics. The emphasis is on the practical application of acquired knowledge and skills in physical education classes in secondary school.
Provided knowledge and skills: - Theoretical knowledge, which allows students to properly conduct athletic educational process at high schools, - Knowledge of creating and leading an athletic class in the field and natural environment, and in a gymnasium, - Correct application of methods used in developing athletic and movement skills and abilities, - The ability to judge and evaluate students' levels of mastering the correct techniques, including the ability to correct possible mistakes, - The ability to evaluate and develop movement abilities and skills in the context of athletic disciplines, - Knowledge of school competitions, - The ability to create and lead a school team, - Knowledge about athletic associations.
Knowledge and practical experience of the subjects in the bachelor's degree.

Assessment methods and criteria
Participation in seminars. Leadership lessons - hours per task Submission of written preparation hours in according to specification. Written test. Oral examination.
Recommended literature
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Study plans that include the course
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