List of courses for selected education branch: Chemistry courses

Course code Course name
Course code Course name Semester Language of instruction Number of ECTS credits Course availability
KFY/PD03 Chemical Thermodynamics
KFY/PD03 Chemical Thermodynamics Winter and summer Czech 0  
KCH/P102 Introduction to Chemistry
KCH/P102 Introduction to Chemistry Winter Czech 6  
KCH/P222 Basic Labs
KCH/P222 Basic Labs Summer Czech 2  
KCH/P303 Chemical Informatics
KCH/P303 Chemical Informatics Winter Czech 1  
KCH/P317 Chemical Analysis
KCH/P317 Chemical Analysis Winter Czech 3  
KCH/P505 Chemical Analysis
KCH/P505 Chemical Analysis Winter Czech 2  
KCH/P506 Physico-chemical experiments A
KCH/P506 Physico-chemical experiments A Winter Czech 2  
KCH/P507 Physico-chemical experiments
KCH/P507 Physico-chemical experiments Winter Czech 2  
KCH/P515 Chemical Analysis
KCH/P515 Chemical Analysis Winter Czech 2  
KCH/P517 Physico-chemical experiments
KCH/P517 Physico-chemical experiments Winter Czech 3  
KCH/P527 Physico-chemical experiments
KCH/P527 Physico-chemical experiments Winter Czech 2  
KCH/P613 Biochemical Labs
KCH/P613 Biochemical Labs Summer Czech 3